About us

ANIMA "AMKE-MKO" is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NP-NGO) which has been an active member of the mental health community since 2005.

Our philosophy is reflected upon the following principles:

  • Mental health is the well-being and the potential every person has to be able to receive satisfaction from his/her everyday life and not merely the absence of a problem or a disorder (Look up the term in World Health Organisation’s definition).
  • Mental health is depending partially on each individual’s opinion for his/her self and there aren’t ideals that each person should live up to.
  • Mental health is strictly related to economical, social, cultural and political factors, e.g. suicide cannot be considered as a mental disorder in times of crisis, it’s a much more complicated issue that needs effective management.
  • We are strongly convinced that unconditional acceptance, empathy and genuineness constitute an environment in which a person can achieve the maximum of his/her potential without inhibitions and guilt and eventually achieve personal fulfilment.
  • Multifaceted information is the first step that can lead to proper healthcare and support for people with psychosocial problems.
  • Any kind of intervention involving a human being requires his/her consent, after he/she has been fully informed regarding the consequences of the intervention to his/her personal and social life aspects. The consent cannot be derived indirectly or by hiding part of the truth from the person, with the excuse that this is in his/her own best interest, while in reality his/her own opinion is not taken into consideration.
  • Each person, regardless of the psychosocial treatment he/ she might need in order to improve his /her life, can become productive member of society with equal rights.
  • Human freedom of choice is not illusory, is an undeniable fact that respects others’choices as well.
  • Scientific knowledge is constantly evolving, so we have to change, to adapt, and to be informed of the latest advances in order to be effective in our work.
  • We reject violence in all its forms, physical, psychological, verbal.
  • We believe that the principles we advocate for need to be a part of our everyday life and not just for incitement to third parties.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.