Training and Internships

Having undertaken a difficult and ambiguous task, we almost immediately realized that the training of mental health professionals is probably the most important means to achieve our goals.

For this reason Anima:

  • Promotes on-the-job training programs and collaborates with a Vocational Training Centre to secure certified training for its employees,
  • Designs and implements specialized training programs, mandatory for volunteers who will take action at the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit,
  • Supports - sometimes financially - staff training in additional educational settings (Masters Programs, etc.)
  • Undertakes designing and implementing educational and experiential training programs for employees of other associations, upon request.
  • Enables students to carry out their internship in the field of rehabilitation, raising community awareness, organizing events, providing support services at home and / or scientific research under the guidance of trained professionals. Those interested, need to consult with their educational institution and our organization in order to determine the standard procedures (appoint an instructor and internship supervisor, establish timetables, determine educational goals, etc.).
  • Offers the opportunity to European Union’s University and Educational institution students to carry out their internship through the ERASMUS program.