Support and Therapy

In ANIMA we believe that any human being, regardless of professional, economic or social status, educational level or other characteristic will require in at least one difficult time of his/her life, professional support. Furthermore, we believe that this time does not characterize him/her as a lifelong mental patient, neurotic or otherwise, but gives him/her the opportunity to work through problems or issues in a manner most effective for him/her in the future.

But where could one turn to? How could they be sure or confident that the referred place or professional will solve their "problem" or provide them with the relief they are seeking? It is a fact that most people are not informed regarding the availability of Greek mental health services and what each one has to offer. Many of us cannot even distinguish the meaning and importance of mental disorders.

We remain at your disposal to answer any question you may have.

  • We do not accept for any reason cases of involuntary confinement or involuntary hospitalisation, since we believe that this practice constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights.
  • We do not force for any reason medication treatment or other forms of suppressive therapy or containment, as we believe that these constitute forms of torture and assault on a person’s life.
  • We aim to prevent the confinement of other people, and to finally put a stop to the reproduction of the traditional model of institutional psychiatry.

    The more informed people are the more effective they will be dealing with difficult situations in life.